Re[2]: HELP me buy a Processor !

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Dear Terry,

    I offer apologies for your waiting time for assistance with your VIP.  
Ideally, we would have a live technical specialist every time the phone rings. 
When we are helping you (and other product users), we prefer to not interrupt
your support process by taking another call.  That is why we encourage callers
to leave a detailed message so that we can make return contact.   By using this
method of leaving model and serial #'s, symptoms, name and phone number, our
technical specialists have your product's documentation information already
available at the time of call-back.  This phone mail is monitored for messages
"minimum" of every 15 minutes.  
    After Bayer's decision to eliminate their histology division, Sakura has
been increasing our technical staff in order to provide support to users of the
Tissue-Tek products.   As you may know, employee recruitment is extremely
challenging.   Our Histonet postings also give evidence of that.  Although we
are in the midst of an extensive training program with the most recent hires,
Sakura would still like to fill one more position in our technical support

    Sakura has manufactured the Tissue-Tek products since the early 1980's. 
Repair parts and replacement accessories are stocked here.  

    I don't blame you for being upset with the wait, and I don't mean to defend
any lack of response.  I just thought an explanation might be helpful.
be encouraged to call us again - leaving a message if all of the
are busy - or you may e-mail me and I'll ask the first free agent to call you

My best regards,

Nancy Klemme, HT(ASCP)
Customer/Product Support Mgr.
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.
1750  West 214th Street
Torrance, CA  90501

Web Page = 
e-mail =
Phone = 800/725-8723

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Subject:    Re: HELP me buy a Processor !
Author: "Terry J Mattoon" <>
Date:       5/25/00 5:44 PM

From: Terry J Mattoon
Date: Thu, May 25, 2000 5:44 PM
Subject: Re: HELP me buy a Processor !
To: Allison
Cc: histonet

You say you abuse them.  ?How?  I have a Tissue-Tek VIP  that I've had
since 1984 and it still works wonderfully but its oulasted its
replacement date and I too need a new Processor.  I don't want to try out
everything but does anyone have any ideas?  I've heard that Sakura has
bought out Tissue Tek.  I called Bayer and they no longer carry parts or
do the excellent troubleshooting but gave me Sakura's phone #.  My
problem is that I waited for 10 minutes to talk with someone today and
then gave up.

On Tue, 23 May 2000 08:40:09 GMT0BST "RUSS ALLISON"
<> writes:
> I have two Hypercentres and a Pathcentre.
> I abuse them terribly.
> I had a fan motor go down on one of the hypercentres.
> Russ
> Russ Allison,
> Dental School
> Cardiff
> Wales

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