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From:Marylou Pohl <> (by way of Histonet)
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We use Superfrost - probably same as your Fisher brand - and yes, they don't
seem to last too long.  Did you store them standing up on their pointed end
? It
does help a bit.  After staining we tag our slides with a label that we have
written out the number on, so pencil would work if we didn't want to use the

"Renee Escalona (by way of Histonet)" wrote:

> Fellow histonetters,
> We've been having problems with our slide labeling.  We currently use pencil
> to label them.  However, after continuous handling of the slides, the lead
> eventually starts to fade which is no big surprise.  At one time we tried
> using those Histoprep pens made by Fisher but they often dried out before we
> got a decent amount of use from them.  Did we just have a bad lot or has
> anyone else had problems with these pens?  Also, can anyone suggest a
> different type of pen that withstands the staining procedure?
> Thanks in advance,
> Renee Escalona, BS, HTL(ASCP)
> Veterinary Laboratory Technologist
> TX Vet. Med. Diag. Lab
> College Station, TX

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