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From:Patricia E Quattrone <>

In NYS the requirements are the slides are retained for 25 years. Even
thought the tissue on the slides were fixed in formalin the public
"percepition" of the human tissue is that of a biohazard.  With todays
landfill issues we too had to place histological slides in impervious
biohazard plastic containers for disposal.
On 3 May 2000 06:03:00 -0500 "Carol Bobrowitz"
<> writes:
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> 12:00 PM
>   OFFICE MEMO         slide disposal                        Date:  
> 5/2/00
> I am posting this for another laboratory.
> The clinical histology department is moving to a new laboratory.
> At this time they need to dispose of old microscope slides, 75 years 
> worth.
> Enviromental Services claim these old glass slides are biohazardous 
> and need to
> be placed in sharpes containers for disposal.  They refuse to remove 
> them in
> the corrugated glass disposable containers.  We are located in the 
> state of
> Wisconsin and particularly would like to hear from labs from this 
> area.  The
> questions are:
> 1)  Are these bioharzardous?
> 2)  Does the state have a statute pertaining to this?
> 3)  How do other labs in the state dispose of their slides?
> Thank you for all your help in advance.  
> Linda Kharitou thanks you.
> Carol Ann Bobrowitz
> Medical College of Wisconsin

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