Re: paraffin block storage

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Martha Ward wrote:  We currently save all blocks going back into the '70's.  We
have no plans to discard any and will continue to save blocks, I guess until we
run out of room!

"Johnson, Mickey" wrote:

> Sheila,
> We used to have room to keep 10+ years of paraffin blocks. As our volume has
> increased, so has the number of years we can store. Presently, we store
> about 8 years of paraffin blocks.  Our pathologists would like to keep them
> longer. Good medical practice!
> Mickie
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> From: Sheila Poellein []
> Sent: Monday, May 15, 2000 11:10 AM
> To: 'histonet'
> Subject: paraffin block storage
> CAP regulations state that paraffin blocks should be retained for 5 years.
> In a recent CAP Today, it was suggested that this time  be extended for
> either all blocks or tumor blocks because of the potential for new testing
> capabilites (for example her 2-neu) that might be developed.  We have
> limited storage space as well as spare time to keep two filing systems for
> blocks.  I would appreciate all comments on this issue, do you keep longer
> than 5 years or not?, if you do what system do you have in place?  all
> blocks or selective blocks?
> thanks,
> Sheila

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