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From:"anita dudley" <> (by way of Histonet)
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Mike, we use penfix from Richard Allen on our processor in one station,
seems to help a lot with breast.  We also fix breast overnite if the path
feels like it is necessary, in penfix.

Hope this helps,  anita dudley, providence hosp. mobile,al

>From: Mike Bennett <>
>To: "" <>
>Subject: fixation
>Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 17:54:35 -0500
>This may be a question that is found on this site often but since this
>is new to me I will ask anyway.  We recently purchased a new processor
>and I am having some problems with fixation. All my lab has ever used is
>10% Buffered Formalin and I would like to try something in addition to
>this.  I have alot of breast tissue and uteri that is not getting fixed
>properly. (Mushy middles!!)  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  We
>process about a 12 hour run with the tissues in each solution for a
>least an hour.  Yes I have tried to get the Pathologist to work with me
>and cut thinner  pieces, but he seems to think they are just fine.
>Thanks!!  I am so glad to be part of this.  I think this will really be
>helpful to alot of techs out there!

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