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At 10:00 AM 05/27/2000 -0500, Becky Scholes wrote:
>Connie M. just wrote about the gremlins in full force when she spilled 2 
>gallons of a very caustic chemical on her jeans, shoes and floor.  This is a 
>example when all of your PPE wouldn't have helped at all.  Covered legs 
>(nylons would have been a joke), socks and leather shoes that cover the 
>entire foot saved her from painful chemical exposure. It doesn't matter if 
>you wear scrubs or jeans - it is up to professional environment you are 
>working in.  

Actually, the jeans I was wearing look pretty funky now.  They saved my
legs... nothing got on my skin at all.  so, as to wearing jeans, who cares
if the jeans have a few dyes or acid spotches on them?? they're just jeans
and, frankly, I think it enhances their charm!

connie mcmanus

disclaimer... do not try this at home.  do not do this intentionally!  *g*

Period.  The most important thing is to cover yourself if you 
>are going to be doing anything that possibly could harm you.  And I don't 
>mean "that little cell of uterus" that could invisibly land on you.  It is 
>interesting that some female pathologists come in to do gross in opened toe 
>shoes or barefoot sandels.  It is definitely a "do as I say, not as I do" 
>situation.  But in this case, I cringe.  I can just see a big juicy chunk of 
>tissue or a scalpel blade land right on that bare skin or thin nylon 
>Bec the Tec
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