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Hi, Kevin,

We embed and cut an average of 250 blocks a day in an outreach lab.  The 
summers are the worst, though, 300 a day.  One wild day last month we hit 
the grand total of 561!

Bec the Tec
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Hi Kevin,

We embed and cut on average about 400 surgical blocks/day, on some 
days we add to this 300 forensic post mortem blocks.

We have 9 staff, 1 laboratory aid, 2 trainees, 4 technical officers 
and 2 scientists who perform all the embedding, cutting, H&E 
staining and special stains.
Bill Sinai
Department Manager
Tissue Pathology
ICPMR Westmead Hospital 
Phone 61+2+9845 7774  Fax 61+2+9687 2330

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