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From:Don Hammer <>
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Hi Peggy,

The CSS you describe are, as usual, standards for those departments that
interact with patients and relatives.  These and other standards of the like
are put out by Hospital Administration as a global coverage and as you know,
don't fit as well with some service departments.  Just like budgets seem to
fit Nursing Services better and you must fit into the categories defined by

If I were still in this Health Care "Game" I would write CSS to cover
customers that I and my labs would interact with, such as you
mentioned...Pathologists, Physicians, other service departments, the OR
staff, specimen submitting departments, administration, budget office,
billing department, coworkers, ect.  As far as interaction with
patient/relatives, one could be written to cover such things as viewing
bodies, specimens or picking up specimens they are allowed by your regs.
As far as the public, one could be written on how to give directions to the
long lost visitor in a huge unwielding institution or how to greet a
passerby in the hallway.  I am sure Pathology  will have to write
something...might as well make it valid.

One more piece of "stuff" you all have to deal with.  Gonna get the slides
out in a good TAT???  :)

Not to make too light of it, Hospitals are trying to model themselves after
Hotels in the area of customer service.  Several are subscribing to Hotel
Management courses.  Seems to make sense considering the cost of a one night
stay. :)  Maybe someday, we, as patients will be handed a gown that fits,
covers our naked bunns, and has ties that have not been ripped off by
another patient who has had a difficult time getting out of the damn thing.
Perhaps even a fluffy robe like the ones at alot of Hotels.   Slippers?? Oh
no, they will never get away from those silly looking booties. *Grin*  Hey,
maybe "room service" will someday have real dishes (again) to serve meals on
instead of plastic.

What ever happened to the simple Golden Rule?  "Do unto others as you would
have them do unto you."   Short sweet and to the point.  Sure would save
alot of time writing a CSS.  :)

Don Hammer, Retired Guy (Ah yes, sweet retirement)  *grin*
PS  As far as apologizing for delays, maybe standards should be written so
they don't
        happen  in the first place.

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From: Lee & Peggy Wenk <>
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Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 5:15 PM
Subject: customer service standards

> Histonetters -
> Does anyone have "Customer Service Standards" (CSS) for
> their laboratory?
> Our hospital has new CSS, and wants every department to
> come up with ways each department can implement them.
> A lot of the CSS are generic enough, but they want
> each department to come up with ways we can meet
> the CSS.
> We have 8 standards, and we are to come up with
> ways to meet the standards for patients, customers
> and the public.
> The problem is, many of the standards refer to the
> patient and their family as "the customer". Such as, if
> the CSS is that the interest of the patient is important,
> than we should explain who we are, why we are here, and
> what we are doing, and to use easily understood language
> with the patients. If we are to exceed the expectations
> of the customer, then we are to check on patients one
> hour before shift change, apologize for any delays, and
> offer to reschedule the appointment if possible.
> If we are to appreciate other people's perspective,
> then we are to listen don't interrupt, protect people's
> privacy by knocking before entering, etc.
> If a patient or family is in our department, we
> know they are lost. So other than giving them
> directions to where they really want to be, we
> don't interact with patients.
> Granted, getting the slides done under the TAT and
> with high quality does relate, in a way, to the
> patient. But I think it relates more to the
> clinicians. I know they are our "customer", and
> I'll try to write up standards for this, but I'm
> really stumped about patients/families, etc.
> I tried the Archives, but couldn't find anything.
> I tried searching the internet, but didn't get
> much.
> If people want to send their CSS to me, I'll compile
> and share with ALL Histonetters, via the Histonet.
> I will share it over the Histonet. Everyone will
> get a copy. I will NOT send a copy to each "ME TOO."
> Please, share. There are 1200+ Histonetters. I would
> really like more than 5 responses.
> Thanks.
> Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
> William Beaumont Hospital
> Royal Oak, MI

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