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From:Kevin Fitch <>
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My two cents is this,

For employees that are in direct contact with patients/clients should be 
dressed in a more professional manor. For techs, the dress code should be 
more relaxed but there should still be a lot of consideration for safety 
I guess the reasons for some dress codes is due to the total outlook of the 
Lab.  If you pay attention to your professional detail (your dress and 
hygiene) ,It is thought to be brought out in your work and performance. 
Plus, you do have some people that need to improve on this subject.  I 
think the person that sued his lab for the $800 suit should be considered 
as a trouble maker, Commonsense is not his strong suit. I wonder if he was 
canned ?

Opened face shoes, Shorts ect...

Kevin Fitch

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