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Hi LuAnn,
Thanks for your note.  I think that you will find the method works very well for you, but the good old VIP is a little bit of a problem, particularly with the vacuum as it tends to boil the solutions away durring the processing. Also, as you mentioned it is a little more of a problem to get the unit to delay in station #6.  However, Cathy Schaefer (my replacement at KGH, 250-862-4000 local 7510) has the problems with the VIP for processing with alcohol/xylene  worked out and can be of assistance to you in this matter.  ( We recently wanted to purchase another Instrument Laboratories processor, but they are now sold by Vantana, and they went and change some of the internal components (non adjustable level sensors, plastic, instead of ceramic rotary valve, etc) on the unit, and turned a really nice processor into a piece of junk.  We got two of them in, one never did work and the second one kept dumping alcohol/xylene all over the floor, after hours,  when no one was around, so belatedly we went with the good old reliable VIP.  But, compared to our old IL's it sure isn't user friendly, and seriously needs to be upgraded to more modern standards.) Hope this is of assistance.
Kerry Beebe ART

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