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Sorry, I forgot to hit respond to all.
---------------------- Forwarded by Rande Kline/EMI/Merck on 05/24/2000 02:58 PM

Rande Kline
05/24/2000 02:57 PM

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Subject:  Re: Xylene Beads  (Document link: Database 'Rande Kline', View


These are molecular sieves which are used to dry reagents.  The types needed to
dry xylene are 3A or 4A.  EM Science has both sizes with different mesh sizes.
The mesh size is not as important as putting in the proper amount of molecular
sieve to dry the reagent.  The type is important.

Please feel free to visit the EM Science website
Once you get past the first page prompt into Tech Corner.  In Tech Corner prompt
into FAQ.  Page half way down and you will find everything you always wanted to
know about molecular sieves including an article titled "How To Use Molecular
Sieves".  I think you'll find this helpful.

Xylene cannot be used indefinitely by using molecular sieves.  They will not
remove the contanimants from processing or staining unless you are purifying
using columns.  Recylcing is the best method for this prupose in the lab.  If
there is a humidity problem, molecular sieves are very helpful.

Hope this is helpful information.

Rande Kline, HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

"Colbert, Laurie" <> on 05/23/2000 06:06:13 PM

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Subject:  Xylene Beads

I just read an article about using sodium aluminosilicate beads in xylene.
These beads are supposed to remove water from the xylene so that you can use
your xylene "indefinitely."  These beads are listed as being available from
Universal Oil Products in Des Plaines, IL.  Has anyone ever tried these
beads?  Does anyone have phone number for this company?  Thanks in advance.

Laurie Colbert
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center
Burbank, CA

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