Re: Warthin Starry (was h. pylori stain)

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From:Marylou Pohl <>
To:Rae Ann Staskiewicz <>
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A 4-5 minute W-S stain??  Quick - where is that procedure????

Marylou Pohl

Rae Ann Staskiewicz wrote:

> Connie,
>     I agree with you, the Warthin-Starry technique we use is only
> approximately 4-5 min. long. I got the technique from the Histonet, it was
> posted by the USDA lab in Georgia. It should be found in the archives, or
> perhaps the person who posted it would be so kind to repost? It is the best
> I have used, not only fast, but very "clean". We do this stain almost daily.
> Rae Ann Staskiewicz
> Galesburg Animal Disease Lab
> Galesburg, IL

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