Re: Tyramide amplification- Recipe for Homemade Tyramide

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At 12:14 05/18/2000 EDT, wrote:
>The recent discourse on the Histonet concerning Catalyzed Reporter
Deposition technology, commercially known as Tyramide Signal ....>


	I'm sorry I don't get your arguement.  Just because some company files a
patent means everybody else is forced to use that product? & is denied the
opportunity to modify/improve the idea or its purpose?  Why can't any
individual in any lab contribute to the body of knowledge of science
through the advancement of an old idea into a new one?  Lets make this
clear I'm saying information from a journal.  I'm not saying nip down to
the patent office & use the patent information.  Frankly anybody who can
make a method work from the information given in the Methods section of a
journal article deserves a medal, its the first part of a paper to be

	What is the point of publishing anything at all if the knowledge cannot be
used by the scientific community?  I thought the whole idea about
publishing was to let other scientists see what you were doing & if they
can, comment, improve, or disprove it.  You seem to be saying that this
whole process goes out the window if some commercial company claims a
patent.  As far as I am concerned if there is information published in a
journal, ie public knowledge, why can't I access & use this knowledge?  OK,
if I use that knowledge to create a product for my commercial benefit,
thats wrong.  But, if I use the idea, & acknowledge my sources, & improve
the idea or use the idea in a better way, whats the hassle, haven't I
expanded scientific knowledge?  

	My 2 cents worth


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