Re: Tyramide amplification- Recipe for Homemade Tyramide

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From:marsha r price <>,

I agree with you. 

I have had an overwhelming response from histonetters, that were
interested in the Homemade Tyramide. I wanted all to know that I am not
ignoring your requests.

There are some interesting recent articles out though that tells you how
to make your own, but according to the folks at NEN, even if you come
across one of those articles, it is infringement for you to follow the
instructions and make your own and do your own research without
permission and a license from them to even be able to use it in your lab.

Again! I apologize for the mix-up and I am not ignoring your e-mails, I
just have my hands tied so to speak and cannot give this recipe out
because of legal reasons.

Marsha Price

On Fri, 19 May 2000 20:31:44 -0600 rueggp <> writes:
> well, well, pretty soon you won't be able to make up your own PBS or 
> Tris
> buffer, sounds like a crock to me, just like biogenex having the 
> market on
> unmasking antigens using heat a few years back.
> patsy ruegg
> "marsha r price (by way of Histonet)" wrote:
> > Matthew,
> > I guess no one received my message earlier. Shortly after I 
> offered to
> > give out the recipe for Homemade Biotinylated Tyramide, I received 
> a
> > threatning letter from NEN LifeScience explaining to me that they 
> have an
> > exclusive patent on tyramide and they are the only ones who can 
> buy sell
> > or make Tyramide.
> >
> > I sent an e-mail out to the histonet, explaining that I would not 
> be able
> > to give that recipe out because of possible legal ramifications 
> that
> > could be sanctioned against me.
> >
> > Again I apologize I was unaware that NEN had the exclusive patent 
> on
> > Tyramide. I am not that familiar with patent laws, I thought as 
> long as
> > you did not use their recipe and did not sell it, you could make 
> your
> > own. Kind of like the sausage control that has a patent. I thought
> > everyone was making their own and you would have to have 
> permission to
> > sell it from the person who has the patent. I am talking to a 
> Patent
> > Lawyer today because I may possibly patent one of my procedures of
> > skipping the deparrafinization step in Immunos.
> >
> > According to NEN, we can't even make our own Tyramide and use it 
> in our
> > labs at our own discretion, we have to have permission or a 
> license to
> > enen use it. I will forward you a copy of their letter also.
> >
> > M.Price

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