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        The commercial chemical for softening hard tissue is called Mollifex
and is obtained from BDH .We use it in our lab to help in the cutting of
skin biopsies/fibroids and nail beds ,for example.After trimming the block
we place it in a petri dish with some filter paper soaked in Mollifex
between 10 - 20 minutes .
hope this is of help

Ian Clarke
Craigavon Area Hospital NHS Trust
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From: Rita Angel <>
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Date: 24 May 2000 19:08
Subject: softening tendon

>I recently read in a histology book that there are procedures before
>processing tendon or other hard tissue, that will soften these tissues and
>greatly improve the sections you get when cutting.  The book did not give
>this protocol, but mentioned using glycerol, alcohol and aniline oil
>mixtures.  It also mentionened a brand name of "Millifex".  Does anyone
>have a protocol for this type of tissue?  We are sectioning rabbit tendon
>and mouse tendon at this time.  We are just soaking longer in an ice/water
>mixture, but I would like to get better sections if possible.
>Thank you for your help.
>Rita Angel

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