Re: Re - Microwave tissue processing

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From:Amos Brooks <>
To:Clarke Ian <>
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    Our lab tried this a few years ago with very poor results. Proceed with
care. Sometimes the longer routine methods are just better. Chemistry is not a
science for the impatient.
Amos Brooks

Clarke Ian wrote:

> Dear Histonetters,
>                                 Our Lab is in the process of examining the
> possibility of using a microwave tissue processor to enhance such things as
> breast screening i.e.. to give the result of a proper biopsy rather than
> relying solely on FNA 's .Does anyone know of a web site and source for a
> Micromed  Microwave processor or equivalent and does anyone use a Microwave
> tissue processor routinely.
> Thanking you in advance
> Ian Clarke
> Histopathology /Cytology Dept
> Craigavon Area hospital
> UK

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