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To:Mike King <>,
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I wonder how NEN would feel about an industry wide boycott over this matter.  I
think we now have the power to do such a thing with our communication links.
Patsy Ruegg

Mike King wrote:

> >Date: 20 May 2000 09:11:39 -0500
> >From: marsha r price <>
> >Subject: Re: Tyramide amplification- Recipe for Homemade Tyramide
> ...There are some interesting recent articles out though that tells you how
> to make your own, but according to the folks at NEN, even if you come
> across one of those articles, it is infringement for you to follow the
> instructions and make your own and do your own research without
> permission and a license from them to even be able to use it in your lab.
> I've just tossed my NEN catalogs in the trash and will not use NEN as a
> vendor as long as they persist in this attitude.  I made my biotin tyramide
> based on openly published journal articles long before their patent or
> product.  Although I rarely need to use the amplification technique, it is
> supremely arrogant of this company to stomp on researchers trying to be
> economical with the public funding that supports their labs.  To add insult
> to injury NEN's pricing of BT products is extortional when you know how
> little it costs to make this simple stuff yourself.

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