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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> <html> "<font size=+2>Variability of Her-2/neu Detection in Archival Breast Carcinoma using Clones CB-11, A0485, TAB250 and 3B5 and Different Grading Schemes</font>." <br>H.Yee PhD, MD; D. Chhieng MD*, L. Chiriboga PhD; A.E. Doniguian MD^ <br>New York University School of Medicine, NY, NY; *University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL; ^ St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center, Patterson NJ <center> <p>ABSTRACT</center> BACKGROUND: <br>Overexpression of Her-2/neu has been correlated with poor prognosis in lymph node positive and negative breast cancer.  Overexpression of Her-2/neu is therapeutically important for patients for whom HERCEPTIN (trastuzumab) is being considered.  The detection of this protein by immunohistochemistry of archival tissue is the preferred method; however,  there is controversy regarding the sensitivity and specificity of commercially available antibodies against HER-2/neu and criteria for positive staining. <br>DESIGN: <br>271 archival breast cancers from 1998-99 were studied (150 from NYU/Bellevue Hospital, 82 from University of Alabama, Birmingham, 39 From St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center). All tissue blocks were stained with four commercially available antibodies, CB-11, AO485, TAB250 and 3B5.  The staining was performed on an automated immunostainer according to the antibody manufacturer protocols.  Staining was evaluated according to 3 grading systems; an established graded scale (Hercep Test), a CALGB standard (50% postive staining) and a 10% staining cutoff. Only membrane staining was regard as positive. <br>RESULTS: <br>Overall, 20-35% of all cases stained positive for any clone. Using a graded scale (Hercep Test), CALGB scale and 10% cutoff scale respectively, the individual clones yielded the following: <br>                                A0485               CB11                TAB250                3B5 <br>"Graded"                     25%                29 %                    23%                    26% <br>CALGB                       22%                25%                    23%                    20% <br>10%                            31%                25%                    28%                    30% <p>CONCLUSIONS: <br>There is greater variability in the percentage of "positive" staining using various grading criteria; however,  there is less variability within each group for each antibody.  We conclude that the variability of the percentage of positive Her-2/neu staining is influenced more by the choice of grading scheme rather than the type of antibody used. <br>  <p>Centre de Pathologie - Bièvres wrote: <blockquote TYPE=CITE>Dear Luis, <p>Could you summarize on the HistoNet the findings reported in your poster ? <p>Thanks in advance <p>Andre <p>Andre Balaton <br>Centre de Pathologie <br>Bievres <br>France <p>" Date: 30 May 2000 12:41:08 -0500 <br>From: Luis Chiriboga <> <br>Subject: Re: Her-2-Neu <p>Use the ventana her-2-neu (CB11) with a 10 minute 0.01M pH6.0 citrate <br>microwave,  32 minute incubation on the nexus stainer. <br>Use the zymed her-2-neu (TAB250) 1:20 overnight on the nexus stainer.  NOt <br>sure if this is the V-line antibody. <br>recently did a comparison among erb antibodies.  abstract presented at CAP <br>meeting. <br>Titled "Variability of Her-2/neu detection in archival breast carcinoma <br>using <br>clones CB11, AO485, TAB250 and 3B5 and different grading schemes" <p>Jerry Santiago wrote: <p>> We are doing a comparison study with Her-2-Neu, and I will like to know if <br>anybody have experience with the V-Line Her-2-Neu  from Zymed, and/or the <br>Ventana Ready Her-2-Neu? <br>> <br>> Thanks <p>- -- <br>Luis Chiriboga Ph.D HT(ASCP)QIHC <br>Department of Pathology 4W27 <br>Bellevue Hospital <br>NYU School of Medicine <br>First Avenue & 27th Street <br>New York, NY 10016 <br>(212)562-4667 <br>" <p>----------------------------------------------------------------------</blockquote> <p>-- <br>Luis Chiriboga Ph.D HT(ASCP)QIHC <br>Department of Pathology 4W27 <br>Bellevue Hospital <br>NYU School of Medicine <br>First Avenue & 27th Street <br>New York, NY 10016 <br>(212)562-4667 <br> </html>
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