Re: Lab clothing - Chapter 53

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From:Mary Lou Norman <>
To:"Mike Kirby" <> (by way of Histonet)
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Rather than pick on '<underline>any</underline> working stiff' (we all
have to put food on the table), the snob could have chosen hippie dress
or the grunge look. I certainly don't want to see pants down around
someone's arse with boxers sticking out!! :)

Mary Lou

a conservative dresser, not in the public eye, who doesn't have to wear a
lab coat so far

p.s. The rest of these comments are hysterical! Thanks for the levity!!

>However, being of the "old school" I am inclined to agree with the

>and that Lab Managers should take a bit of pride in their appearance,

>all, they are in the public eye the most and need to exude a



>Mike Kirby


>South Africa.





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