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     I haven't had any problem just using a beaker of water on a hot plate. 
     Put the vial in and monitor it until it liquifies. Then take the 
     beaker off the heat and leave the vial in the water as you use it (so 
     it stays liquid). Works for me.
     Jeffrey Crews, HTL (ASCP)
     Organogenesis, Inc.

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Subject: Histogel Question 
Author:  Victor Tobias <> at internet
Date:    05/15/2000 10:02 AM

I just received our sample of Histogel. Does anyone have any tips on 
using it without Richard Allan's heating and cooling block? Procedure 
should be user friendly for path residents. Thanks
Victor Tobias
Histology Supervisor
University of Washington Medical Center 
Seattle, WA

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