Re: Help with Xylene disposal

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From:Patricia E Quattrone <>

We have two seperate companies.  The biohazard removal occures many times
thoughout the week as it also includes biohazard material from the whole
hospital.  The chemical hazard removal occurs when we make the call for a
pickup.  The the storage phase we have a hazard storage shed (designed
for this purpose) and have approved 50 gal drums inside.  They are
grounded and ready to fill with the Xylene waste.  We call for removal
when the 2nd drum in almost full.  Our chemical hazard removal company
also takes old chemicals we no longer use or become out-dated.
Pat Q., HT
On Wed, 03 May 2000 17:06:02 -0500 marsha r price <>
> Hi Histonetters,
> Thanks to all that responded to my Xylene Disposal Question. I have 
> one
> more question. Do you have  2 seperate companies that picks up your
> waste? one to pick up your hazardous waste (Xylene) and one to pick 
> up
> your medical waste (infectious tissue, body fluids etc). or does the 
> same
> company pick up both your hazardous and medical waste?
> Again Thank You for your replies.
> M. Price

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