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From:Patricia E Quattrone <>

We have been sucessfully drying our slides for H&E in a microwave for
many years.  When you first get your microwave it is trial and error to
find the correct time and power selection. Do this by making slides of
representative tissue, ie: colon, uterus, gastric biopsy, poc- dry, stain
and examine microscopically.   1. A turntable is a must. 2. Be sure all
excess water is removed from the slides. (tap the rack a few times on a
thick cushion of paper towels)  3. Be sure to use a microwaveable rack.
4. Transfer slides to staining rack immediately and stain.  If your
stainer has a heating chamber program the station for 5 min @ 58-60 deg C
before staining.  The time we use is 3 minutes @ power level 4.  This is
good for 1 to 20 slides. If drying 1 and 1/2 racks stack the racks on top
of each other and heat for 3 1/2 min @ power level 4.  The only time we
have had artifact is when the tech does not take the time to be sure all
excess moisture is removed before placing into the microwave. 
Microwaving saves so much time.  We also use microwave technique for many
of our special stain.
Good luck
Pat Q
Olean, NY
On Thu, 04 May 2000 07:57:52 -0400 Edward Henry <>

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