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From:Connie McManus <>
To:Sharon M Tipton <>
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At 10:12 PM 05/24/2000 -0600, Sharon M Tipton wrote:
>their pressed white lab coats when working with patients.The hospital dress
>code calls for   " no jeans" - you better believe I live in denim the rest
>of the time!!!

I think I would never leave my denims if I had to wear scrubs again!
But... where I work is a whole nuther world than a hospital environment.  I
work in a veterinary diagnostics facility and on a university campus at
that, so we don't have the same issues in appearance that you have in a
clinical setting.  I'm not a rebel, so if I worked in a hospital... or any
other place... I would go along with whatever dress codes they required.

>And as far as the underwear issue - guess I have too much 'art' in me
(plusa little OC!!!),  but I try to match them up - trust me on that >one!
(Seen too many nurses with white pants and hot pink undies !!!)

HAHAHAHA!!  Well, no, actually, at the same place where Mr. Tiger Undies
and I worked, one of my co workers was a braless type and wore thong
undies... every time she bent over all the guys were most delighted at the
eyefull they got!!  She didn't even care.  

>Beware of Murphy - the Wright's bottle toppled over the other day -
>splattered the floor and my white tennies -I was wearing blue scrubs that
day - go figure.-Shar (dreaming of research and denim)

Welll... just today, for the first time in years...  I broke a 2 Liter jug
of Potassium Dichromate/Sulfuric acid solution!   It splashed on my
favorite pair of jeans, my shoes, and ran all over the floor. what a mess.
yes, I did invoke Murphy's Law and I knew it as soon as I sent my post.  I
believe there are Gremlins who hear and enforce these laws.  :-|

Connie M  (who is going Gremlin Hunting this weekend...)

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