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From:Connie McManus <>
To:Sharon M Tipton <>, Histonet <>
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At 09:46 PM 05/17/2000 -0600, Sharon M Tipton wrote:
>I'll put my vote in for scrubs - they wash well,

I used to work for another company as  microbiologist.  We had to wear
scrubs as the work was performed in a semi sterile production core area.
This I could easily agree to and complied happily, but I hated...
absolutely HATED... wearing scrubs.  They felt more like pajamas than
working attire and I felt like everyone could see thru them to my
underwear.  Well, I know this for a fact cuz one of the production guys
wore tiger print bikini under wear and all us women could see this plainly
thru his scrubs.

 >and I can match the color to the predominant stain that I'll be doing
that day! (Prints really come in
>handy, some days).

HAHAHA!  I'm just more careful than you!  *vvvbg*  Now saying that, I most
certainly have invoked Murphy's sadistic Laws upon myself.  *g*

 And, how can you beat wearing your 'jammies' to work!! 

I don't like it.  I like to wear jeans and a t-shirt most days.  I don't
care what gets on my jeans as long as it's not infectious and there's no
chance of that in this lab.

>Looking "professional" is important - but it should match the work
>requirements, too. 

That't the truth. Also, just a note in favor of jeans,  I've seen some
pretty sharp looking denim outfits that cannot in anyway be said to be

IMO, wearing jeans to work is my favorite, most comfortable attire.
However, if my employer says "wear those scrubs"... I'll wear them.  I
figure there's a good reason why they require it.

>Just a thought, but isn't white the absolute worst color choice for
>stain-happy histotechs?!! -Shar

No cuz the staining makes it kinda funky.  What else can show those wild
blotches?  It's like wearing a custom Roschach test!  **VBG**

Connie McManus
Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT

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