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Can't pass the opportunity to throw my 2 cents in on this controversial
subject.  What a volume of discussion it has generated.  A subject close to
all our hearts............I took exception to others feeling ours is not a
manual labor position-technically it is technical-but in high volume
settings it ends up resembling a slide factory.  Been there, done that,
etc.  I have never been told to not wear jeans.  Who sees the public in a
back hallway lab, off the beaten track????  We are a pretty forgotten group
when it comes to the patients awareness of our personal appearances.  I
would rather work in a setting that is comfortable so we can crank all
those puppies out in 8 hours than appease the regulatory gods!!!!  We do
messy work.  We need to be able to function at work-not too hot or cold and
be protected from harsh bio hazards/chemicals.  Common sense should prevail
here-not some inspector's opinion.  They always find a deficit or they
can't justify their jobs.

If parraffin blocks are fully fixed and processed unless it's CJK-what's
the problem??!!  An obviously raw fatty/lymph node/spleen/autopsy specimen
needs to be treated accordingly sooooo........bring out the gloves, etc.
Like I said common sense........

When did we stop thinking and trusting each other in our professional
lives??  Why do we waste so much effort on rules and regulations when the
real problems-down sizing, health insurance, medical costs, etc.  are the
"hazards" that affect us all so much more.  Let's get real people.  We do
more now with less than years before and the compensation rates have not
caught up yet.

Just my 2 cents worth.  Thanks.

Sue Becker, HTL
Albany, NY

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