Re: Clothing etiquette for the bench tech.

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From:Amos Brooks <> (by way of Histonet)
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    OK, I take issue with this. What on earth causes people to believe that a
person who has a Ph.D. but happens to be wearing a pair of Levi's is less
professional than some high school drop out with no qualifications but happens
to wear an Armani suit to the lab every day!
    Anyone who makes a prejudiced assumption like that deserves the quality of
work that comes from a vain self absorbed person. I for one look past the
clothes at the person who wears them and decide upon their professionalism
upon the way they conduct themselves and their abilities.
     David Koresch, Timothy McVeigh and Ted Bundy actually look quite sharp
in 3
piece suits. I personally would rather work with someone sane in Levis.
Amos Brooks wrote:

> Dear Donald,
>      I wish to commend you on your statements. I would rather ruin nice
> clothes than to have patients, family or vistors feel that the care of their
> loved ones are in the hands of unprofessionals. It would be easy to assume
> that if we don't take pride in our appreance, we may not take pride in work,
> no matter how wrong that assumption may be.
>      Certainly we do not have one on one contact with our patients, but
> personnel is seen outside of the lab. More than once I have offered a
> reassuring smile to patients being transported in the halls, as well as
> assiting vistors in the halls.
>      If we wish to be seen as professional, shouldn't we behave that way?
> I say we keep our standards high.
> Sue Kapoor
> Aurora Health Care
> Milwaukee, WI

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