Re: Clothing etiquette for the bench tech.

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Dear Donald,

     I wish to commend you on your statements. I would rather ruin nice 
clothes than to have patients, family or vistors feel that the care of their 
loved ones are in the hands of unprofessionals. It would be easy to assume 
that if we don't take pride in our appreance, we may not take pride in work, 
no matter how wrong that assumption may be.

     Certainly we do not have one on one contact with our patients, but 
personnel is seen outside of the lab. More than once I have offered a 
reassuring smile to patients being transported in the halls, as well as 
assiting vistors in the halls.

     If we wish to be seen as professional, shouldn't we behave that way?
I say we keep our standards high.

Sue Kapoor 
Aurora Health Care
Milwaukee, WI

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