RE: miniature bone saw?

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     You can find lapidary saws on the website "" or 
     call 1-520-763-3311 for information.  We use the 6 inch "HI-Tech Trim 
     Saw" featured in their lapidary saws and supplies-trim saws section.  
     A smaller version is also available.  We use it to trim rat and larger 
     animal bones down to a thickness of 2-4mm.  This is a "wet saw" which 
     uses water to cool and lubricate the blade during cutting.  If your 
     budget is limited these saws are inexpensive and have worked well for 
     Richard Rodriguez
     Schering-Plough Research Institute
     Lafayette, NJ 

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Subject: Re: miniature bone saw?
Author:  "Philip Oshel" [] at S-P_EXHUB_AM
Date:    5/31/2000 1:39 PM

     How about a jeweler's or fine lapidary saw? Some of these have blades 
     with very fine teeth, or diamond-coated wire. These can make fine, 
     controlled cuts in both soft and hard stones, so mouse bone should be 
     no trouble.
>Does anyone know of a miniature bone saw (or a brand name) that would cut 
>through mouse bone that is not fixed and undecalcified?  Thanks!
>Deb Boswell Lane
>The Jackson Laboratory

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