RE: miniature bone saw?

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From:Philip Oshel <>
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Naturally I forgot Dremels and the like. The circular saw blades 
should be available. My wife is metalsmith, and has no problems 
finding blades in hardware stores, jeweler and lapidary catalogs, and 
places like Am. Sci. & Surplus (lucky folks who live near Chicago can 
go to their store). Harbor Freight should have these blades also.


>For our bone work we usually use a simple tabletop scroll saw with a fine
>blade. But for tiny bones I would recommend a Dremel with the small circular
>saw blades. Those blades are hard to find (I think they may be discontinued)
>but American Science and Surplus still has them. They have a website, too.
>Jeffrey Crews, HTL (ASCP)
>Organogenesis, Inc.
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