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We use Pen Fix from Richard Allan.  It is basically an alcoholic formalin
and it helped us with fixation.  We definitely are re-processing less blocks
now.  We used to process with one formalin station and two Pen Fix stations
but just recently switched to two formalins and only one Pen Fix, and we are
getting good results.

Laurie Colbert
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center
Burbank, CA

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Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2000 4:23 AM
Subject: fixation

This may be a question that is found on this site often but since this
is new to me I will ask anyway.  We recently purchased a new processor
and I am having some problems with fixation. All my lab has ever used is
10% Buffered Formalin and I would like to try something in addition to
this.  I have alot of breast tissue and uteri that is not getting fixed
properly. (Mushy middles!!)  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  We
process about a 12 hour run with the tissues in each solution for a
least an hour.  Yes I have tried to get the Pathologist to work with me
and cut thinner  pieces, but he seems to think they are just fine.
Thanks!!  I am so glad to be part of this.  I think this will really be
helpful to alot of techs out there!

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