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From:Emma Carter <>
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Dako make both kits.
The enVision kit is an amplification kit, which uses a Dextran backbone, to
enable large numbers of substrate molecules to bind to the secondary

The LSAB kit (labelled Streptavidin-Biotin ) has a primary, a biotinylated
secondary, and then an enzyme conjugated streptavidin reagant.  Again, it is
a senistive amplification kit...

Both kits can be used with mouse/rabbit primaries, and either an HRp or AP

Hope this helps!

(i dont work for Dako, hence i am not 100% sure i ahve got it right...i just
ahve a lot of their info!!)

emma carter
Oxford Biomedica (UK) Ltd

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> Greetings,
> I must admit that I have never heard of enVision--who makes this?
> Secondly, I have never heard of LSAB2 that Bonnie Whitaker mentioned,
> either--what is this?
> Finally, I have heard of the W.C. (toilet, john, etc).  I believe that
> althought Mr. Crapper is often credited with inventing it-- he was
> actually an early manufacturer and innovator of it.
> TIA,
> Bret
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