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The Arcturus system is not a digital imaging system, but rather a laser
capture microdissection system. As Dana mentioned it is used to capture
specific cells which can then later be analyzed by various in vitro
techniques. While it does have software for the capture of images of the
dissection it is not designed as a general purpose digital imaging system.
It does an excellent job at cell capture, but would be rather expensive for
the original request and would not be designed to do that type of work.
The original question asked about a system that could analyze both
morphlogical stained sections and gels. I'm making an assumption from this
that you want to do more than simply capture images for documentation and
want to in some way analyze your images to generate numerical results. If so
there are a variety of systems available. NIH Image will do this and the
software is available free from the NIH Web site. MetaMorph is a commercial
package which will do this type of work. It is made by Universal Imaging
Corp. and their Web site is I'm sure that systems
made by Leica, Ziess, and Olympus will do this along with many other systems
as there seem to be new systems coming online every week. If I
misinterpreted your question or if you can supply more specific information
regarding your application, please contact me directly and I'll try to be of
more help.

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> There is a new system called arctrusc(spelling?) it has a scope for image
> and 
> a laser system to pick up only certain cells and use for blots, etc. Some
> of 
> the big research places have them, I know the NIH, and sloan -kettering
> do, 
> they are in research applications only ,no clinical yet. If you call them
> or 
> search web you may find them. I just heard about them from a friend so
> this 
> is all I can help with.
>                                                  Dana

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