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From:"MacDonald, Jennifer" <>
To:Janice Mahoney <>, 'Don Hammer' <>

88321 is the CPT code  for a consult and report on referred slides.  There
is no technical component.

88323 is the CPT code for a consult and report on referred slides with
preparation.  There is a technical component for billing (88323-TC).

In practice if we are required to do immuno staining we obtain billing
information and bill the patient's insurance.  If the person  has an HMO it
often requires getting pre-authorization.

> Jennifer MacDonald
> San Antonio Community Hospital
> Upland, CA  91786
> (909) 985-2811 ext. 4148
> > Can anyone give me information regarding technical billing aspects on
> consults.  The situation is that Our Pathologists are a separate business
> and bill for the professional component separately.  We have begun to do
> more and more slide preparation, special stains and immuno on outside
> consults.  Can we separate out the technical aspects of the work done and
> bill the physician sending the work to us?  If so, do we use the cpt codes
> for each individual test(stain, immuno etc.) done, or just charge the
> technical component of 88323.
> > Thanks for the help
> > Jan Mahoney, Omaha, NE
> >
> >

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