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The myth of a working "professional" is one who works in a field with entry
requirements set by an organized body of similar workers, who abide by work
and conduct guidelines which are set and enforced by the organization for
the good of the public and for the good of the organization, and who forgo
at least some money rewards in return for altruistic applications of their
working energies.  Professionals often are thought of as uniform in
capacity, motivation, morals, and vestments.  Architects, teachers, lawyers,
physicians, lobbyists, and hit men are mythic examples.  Not a uniformly
admirable group.  Still, it would be nice if techs dressed like


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> Thank you, Tamara. I also thought this person is a snob.
> Mary Lou
> >As for the person who said something along the lines of "techs should be
> >dressed professionally, not like manual laborers"....Ouch. Is the
> >implication that manual laborers are not professional? Or did the crew
> >that built your house/hospital/car/etc. wear three-piece suits?
> >
> >Sorry about the venting - bad morning and this one really rubbed me the
> >wrong way. Maybe those of us in plain old research fear that this
> clothing
> >mindset will reach us.....hence the defensiveness.
> >
> >My $0.02 (US $, that is)
> >
> >Tamara Howard
> >
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