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Yes, that statement also struck me as wrong.  Having come from the ranks of
"manual labor", I have no tolerance for class (or lack thereof) prejudice.
I am able to perform the same quality of work whether I am in scrubs, a
suit, or a leather teddy! (oops, forget that one).

Dave Reynolds, HT(ASCP)
Alaska Native Medical Center
Anchorage, Alaska  99508

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> As for the person who said something along the lines of "techs should be
> dressed professionally, not like manual laborers"....Ouch. Is the
> implication that manual laborers are not professional? Or did the crew
> that built your house/hospital/car/etc. wear three-piece suits?
> Sorry about the venting - bad morning and this one really rubbed me the
> wrong way. Maybe those of us in plain old research fear that this clothing
> mindset will reach us.....hence the defensiveness.
> My $0.02 (US $, that is)
> Tamara Howard

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