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From:"Tom T. McNemar" <>
To:"Stace. Burton" <>,

We have two processors, a Shandon 4 years old and a VIP about 14 years old.
I trust the VIP more than the Shandon.  We have had some intermittent
problems with the Shandon that have been difficult to trace.

Neither has a modem.  The lab techs are supposed to check it if there is a
problem but nobody ever thinks of us....... way back here...... all alone.

Tom Mc Nemar
Pathology Supervisor
Licking Memorial Hospital
Newark, Ohio

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> Subject:	HELP me buy a Processor !
> I am currently setting up a hist lab from scratch in a well established
> hospital.  I will be the only tech for prob the next year or two.  When I
> asked him, the pathologist I will be working with suggested that I get a
> processor with a modem on it so that I can troubleshoot from my home
> computer, if needed.
> Every lab I can think of doing general histology, uses a Tissue-Tek, and
> they all love them; however, they do not yet come with a modem.
> Tissue-Tek's new model comes out 1-2001, but even if it will contain a
> modem, I can't wait that long.  My question is:
> Should I go with a Tissue-Tek VIP processor (do to the excellent
> reputation)
> and take the chance of having only a phone call to wake me so that I have
> to
> help a Med-tech over the phone troubleshoot or drive to the hospital
> myself?
> OR
> Should I go against what everyone else is doing and get a Shandon or a
> Ventana which has the modem which I can reach and troubleshoot, if needed,
> from home?
> OH and also;
> What do you guess use and what would you change on it if you could?
> Thanx in advance!  stacey  <>
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