RE: Clothing etiquette for the bench tech.

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Soooo, Michael,  is this atttire gang inspired?  *G*

connie mcmanus

At 11:02 AM 05/17/2000 -0500, Petrilli, Michael wrote:
>We are required to wear black leather jackets, hooded sweatshirts and
>western-style boots whenever we work with "dangerous" paraffin blocks.
>We also are required to wear the kevlar or chain-linked gloves whenever we
>touch glass slides! Consequently, it takes us hours to file a tray of
>slides---but that's okay, we don't mind. What we do mind is the fact that we
>are required to shower after our workday (on our own time). The shower isn't
>so bad, except that sometimes the hose pressure slams us against the
>coathook rack...hmmm....maybe we could wear something to protect us from the
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>> Sara,
>>     Yes, we are required by our safety committee to wear lab coats in ALL
>> laboratory areas. Not so much from the infectious angle, but from the
>> presence of chemicals and chemical residue. However, we do wear blue jeans
>> if we wish. I would not like to wear better clothes, because even wearing
>> lab coats and plastic aprons, stains still find their way onto clothing
>> occasionally.
>> Rae Ann Staskiewicz
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Connie McManus
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