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From:Brown Alex <>
To:HistoNet <>

Hi Roy,
	An interesting one !!   At first glance it looks like some kind of
glove powder, but it isn't ( don't think ! ). Also interesting that it's
haematoxyphilic yet strongly PAS positive.  Right, here's my go at looking
stupid -
Our guess is that it may be either some kind of plant seed remnant ( my
first choice ) , or remains of some kind of medication/tablet that's been
deposited in the stomach.
Liked the web site Roy. Well done.
Alex Brown
Crosshouse Hospital
Kilmarnock, Scotland.

From: Roy Ellis
To: Histonet
Subject: Artefact
Date: Thursday, May 25, 2000 7:11AM

To all of you netters who love a challenge, I have posted an unknown
artefact on my WEB site at The artefact
was provided by David Taylor, Laboratory Manager at Drs King and Mower in
Adelaide, Australia. We have some thoughts as to the origin of the artefact
but would value input from all of the histo super sleuths who make up this
marvellous forum we call 'Histonet'.
Roy Ellis

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