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Jennifer: I don't have any trouble doing alkaline phosphatase staining on
bone that was formalin fixed, formic acid decaled and paraffin embedded. I
use the method found in Bancroft & Cook (1994) Manual of Histological
Techniques and their Diagnostic Application, pg 300. It is a BCIP/NBT
method. I can fax you a copy if you like. Donna Montague, Orthopaedic
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR

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I am looking for a procedure for Alkaline-Phosphatase on mouse bones. I am
under the impression it  will not work in paraffin. Am I correct? I can
process them in GMA or LR White. I am leaning to LR White. Has anyone every
stained Alk-Phos on LR White? 

Jennifer Harvey
University of Rochester

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