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I have a few questions and I was hoping someone out there could help me.  
Here goes:
1.  Does anybody have a 'referenced' procedure for troubleshooting processing 
problems.  An example would be if, while embedding, you notice the tissue is 
"soft".  I would like to have a procedure in the SOPM that will instruct the 
Tech. what to do.  I was wondering if anyone had a "list" of processing 
problems and the procedure(s) for rectifying the problem that I may use 
(rather than re-inventing the wheel).  We only use VIP processors, if that is 
of any help.
2.  I am currently doing an Alcian Blue/Pas without utilizing the microwave.  
The technic takes 30 minutes in Alcian Blue and then the whole Pas procedure 
(another 25 minutes).  Does anyone have a "shorter" version of this stain?   
If a microwave is required I would have to purchase one, so "sans" the 
microwave would be preferable!!
Thank you for any information you can offer!

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