Non Histology question.......but I need some help. It's about ADD.

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Hi All!

This is a toughie for me so if anyone can help, I
appreciate it very much. 

My 8 year old daughter may possibly have ADD. Her
school conducted a Slingerland Form B test, and found
her to be strong in verbal abilities.  Writing/reading
fluency compromised by weaker visual-motor
integration, visual discrimination and memory of
direction of visual form for written output. 
Inability to hold her pencil correctly (she now has a
"grippy" to assist her) and she is incapable of
consistently completing a written task independently
without prompting from a teacher or "examiner". 
Motivation and accuracy appeared to diminish after 10
minutes given pencil/paper task.   Her
"signs/symptoms" could be,classified as ADD but
because it is so difficult to diagnose this in girls
it becomes a parental nightmare.  I've read all that I
can find on the subject and the people I work with
have given me more information than I can handle (it's
called "brain fry"). I've made all necessary testing
arrangements as well as educational assistance for her
(pediatric neurologists, family council ing, and
specialized private tutoring), but I still don't
believe it to be ADD.  Yes, she does have learning
difficulties, but I'm not convinced that she is in
this classification.

Does anyone out there have other information or
experience with a child who is ADD and female? 
Everything I read contradicts something else and it
just gets totally overwhelming.

I apologize for using space on the server for this,
but I'm at my wits end. 

Thank you for any information, assistance or just
anything that can help, it is very appreciated. 


Vikki Baker
American Health Foundation
Valhalla, New York  

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