Microwave decalcification

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To:histonet@pathology.swmed.edu, vmadden@med.unc.edu
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I have been asked to supply the reference for the microwave decalcification 
article.  It is:  Madden, Victoria and Henson, Miriam, Rapid decalcification 
of temporal bones with preservation of ultrastructure, Hearing Research 111 
(1997) 76-84.  

You can contact one of the authors directly for a reprint of the article.  
Vicky Madden is in the Microscopy Services Laboratory, Department of 
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, The University of North Carolina, Chapel 
Hill, NC 27599, USA.  She has requested that you snail mail or email your 
requests (vmadden@med.unc.edu) instead of phoning.  

I hope this has been helpful.  Have a happy holiday.

Jan Minshew
Technical Director

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