Mib-1 staining on wax sections of decalcified bone, adhesion prob lems after microwave antigen retrieval step

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From:"Mendes, Maria" <mmendes@mtsinai.on.ca>
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Hi I hope someone out there can help me with my problem. In our lab we are
trying to perform immunohistochemistry on decalcified bone, mainly in
respect to Mib-1. The problem is that after performing the antigen retrieval
that involves putting sections in the microwave the sections fall off. Below
are all the different things that have been tried to get around this
problem. I would appreciate any help that could be sent my way. I may be
contacted directly at mmendes@mtsinai.on.ca <mailto:mmendes@mtsinai.on.ca> .
The following procedures have been tried with no success thus far:
1)	Contacted vendor that supplies Mib-1 to see if they had any
information as well I did  a search on Pubmed to find any articles on the
2)	Used positively charged slides from two different vendors
3)	Used positively charged slides with albumin and then using a wet
filter paper rolled over the section to get any air out of the section
4)	Used gelatinized slides with and without albumin and with and
without the rolling feature above
On all slides the wax was melted on the hot plate and the slides left
overnight in a 37oC oven in some cases the slides were left over the


Maria (Toronto, Canada)

Maria Toronto, Canada

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