Lab clothing - Chapter 53

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From:"Mike Kirby" <> (by way of Histonet)
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You've seen the trailer!
You've read the book!
Now see the movie!

"CLOTHING IN THE LAB"   (Gasp! Shock! Horror!)

Coming to a theatre near you!

Joking aside folks, who cares what you wear, as long as it's decent,
practical, and you can whip it off pronto in the event of a major spill of
some nasty type chemical.
The whole concept of PPE is to protect your person, not your cashmere
sweater. Your Employer is obliged to provide it, and you as the "worker" are
obliged to wear it. (And you are a B/F if you don't.)
It's unfortunate that in this day and age, any biological product is suspect
and should be treated as such. But lets use our commonsense, anybody that
wears dingle-dangle bangles while cutting a section is asking for it. (Don't
laugh! I've seen it happen!)
Just be grateful that you don't have to wear "the uniform" that was
inflicted on us as students back in the 60's, white cotton trousers and a
"barbers" jacket that buttoned across the shoulders, that was so starched
that it would have stopped an armour piercing round. After 1/2 hour of this
you felt and smelt like a rickshaw pullers armpit!
However, being of the "old school" I am inclined to agree with the "snob",
and that Lab Managers should take a bit of pride in their appearance, after
all, they are in the public eye the most and need to exude a professional

Mike Kirby
South Africa.

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