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From:Sharon M Tipton <Histochick@fmtc.com>
To:Histonet <histonet@pathology.swmed.edu>
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I'll put my vote in for scrubs - they wash well, and I can match the color
to the predominant stain that I'll be doing that day! (Prints really come in
handy, some days). And, how can you beat wearing your 'jammies' to work!! (I
think my purple fuzzy robe and slippers might push the code too far!) Only
problem I have encountered, is that the public thinks I'm a nurse and the
doctors (non-path) think I'm ' lab'.
Our hospital doesn't allow jeans, either. I have seen a few nurses and lab
techs wearing the new denim scrubs. I haven't heard any complaints - yet.
Anyone else tried them?
Looking "professional" is important - but it should match the work
requirements, too. In a past -career job interview, dressed casually 'nice',
I was turned down by the greenhouse, because "we get dirty here" -  but I
was hired by the adjoining floral shop. I still had a degree in
horticulture, either way.(And I spent a lot of time 'getting dirty' while
training for it!)
Just a thought, but isn't white the absolute worst color choice for
stain-happy histotechs?!! -Shar

Note to Ron Rainbow - what a cool name for this profession - and do you wear

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