Archives and work load questions

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From:Kevin R Gray <>
To:Histonet <>
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Hello everyone, I have two questions:

First, when I belonged to the histonet a while back, someone
started an archive of old messages.  I bookmarked the site at
that time and have recently tried to return but found it to be
gone.  Does it still exist and if so could someone please let me
know the new address?

Second, our department is interested in how many paraffin blocks
other hospitals, reasearch laboratories, etc. routinely embed,
cut, section and H & E stain in a given day.  To make things
simple we would like to know these figures for just one slide per
block if possible.

I remember this topic being discussed in the past which is why I
first tried the archives.  I appreciate any information that
anyone can give.

Thanks for your time,

Kevin Gray

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