tyramide amplification

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From:Heike Grabsch <h.grabsch@uni-koeln.de>
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Hi all,

I got a lot of instant replys asking to get the information how to make 
your own TSA-System. Of course I am willing to share this information! My 
suggestion is: I'll send my recipe to the histonet and all those people 
who would like to have a bunch of articles of Hopman and Speel as 
pdf-files, please email me again, because I do not want to send these 
long attachment to the histonet.

I would like to send the pdf-files via my email at work. So, here is my 
email-address for those who want to have a lot of pdf-files clogging your 
PC, because they do have a lot of nice coulor photos etc. 

please give me some days to translate my recipe in nice English (it is 
currently in German), okay?


Dr. Heike Grabsch
Dept of Pathology
University of Duesseldorf

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