Tissue Tek Coverslipper Basket(White 17slide capacity)

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From:"Scott, Allison D" <Allison_Scott@hchd.tmc.edu>

Hello to all out in histoland.  I have a varistain 24-3 stainer, and a
tissue tek coverslipper.  We are using the white coverslipper baskets  not
the brown ones that come with the coverslipper because they are to big and
will not fit the holder.  The last time that the baskets were ordered was in
1997.  We got them from Bayer.  Now I can't find the baskets anywhere.  I
tried bayer, sakura and shandon.  Is anyone out there using the same
baskets, or can someone offer and alternative.  The holders that we are
using will only work with the white baskets.  All responses will be
Allison Scott

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