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The first thing  to check in both of these cases is how long has it been 
since the instrument has been defrosted?    A total warm-up, cleaning, drying 
and cooldown.  It could as simple as ice in the lines.  Also, make sure the 
lines are clear of debris.  Let me know how this works.

Dawn M. Truscott
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 From: (Jeff & Wanda Gray)
 To: (Atoska Gentry),
 Our only problem with the vacuum is that it doesn't turn off any more, but
 more of a noise nuisance than anything else It works, it just doesn't shut
 off when the head is up.  We use the Microm 505.
 Wanda Shotsberger
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 Anyone using either the cryojane or Microm  HM505EVP experiencing problems
 with the vacumm?  Please
 I need to hear from you ASAP.  Thanks, Atoska
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