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From:Rob Geske <>,
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<html><div>Herb,</div> <br> <div>is there another word that can be used instead of "unsuscribe"  --- </div> <br> <div>at least we never see the ones that spell "suscribe" wrong</div> <br> <div>what about start and stop ??? </div> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <div>At 03:18 PM 5/3/2000 +0100, wrote:</div> <div>></div> > <BR> <font face="Times New Roman, Times"><b>Pamela D. Love<br> Administrative Support Coordinator III<br> Center For Comparative Medicine<br> Baylor College of Medicine<br> One Baylor Plaza (S115)<br> Houston, TX  77030<br> <br> </font><font color="#0000FF"><br> </font><font face="Times New Roman, Times" color="#000000">(713) 798-8583 Ph<br> (713) 798-6588 Fx</font></b> </html>
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